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We have added two new Spacers to our product line!

1.55 and 3.1"

Increase performance with our In-Flight Adjustable Models!

More power–less noise!

All blades have brass protection of the leading edge, which allows them to withstand the abrasive effects of soil particles and the erosive effects of water and significantly extends the life of the propellers.

Propellers are designed to be installed on aircraft with engines that incorporate a gearbox or belt drive reduction unit to slow the propeller rpm and provide shock absorption (Rotax, Hirth, HKS, BMW TakeOFF, Simonini).

Maximum output power on the driving shaft for 3-blades propellers is up to 140 hp.
Maximum output power on the driving shaft for 4-blades propellers is up to 160 hp.
Maximum output power on the driving shaft for 5-, 6-blades propellers is up to 180 hp.

All Propellers include:
- hub and its installation kit (bolts and nuts),
- blades,
- pitch adjustment device,
- fastening bolts,
- blades covers.

Available options:
- spinner (hub fairing) Ø 226 mm (8,9"),
- spacer (distance separator) of 15 mm (0.6"), 30 mm (1.2"), 40mm (1.55"), 57 mm (2.25") or 80mm (3.1").

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