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January, 2017:  _______________

KievProp America announces plans to increase inventory, expedite deliveries and welcome more Dealers/OEM’s.  Now that KievProp (the designer/manufacturer) has increased production with expanded manufacturing capabilities, they will prioritize deliveries to KP America.


In the late 90’s the KievProp was introduced to the US Ultralight and Sport Aircraft market as “HotProp”. The sleek semi scimitar shape was a true eye catcher, only to be out done by the smooth, quiet and outstanding performance.  Quality and Performance have always been a trademark for KievProp. The beautiful semi-scimitar shape with shiny brass edges not only look good on aircraft, but perform well too. Catching the attention of many Rotax, Hirth and HKS owners, the KP soon became a very popular choice and sparked the attention of many other propeller manufacturers.


In 2004 KievProp America was formed and discontinued the name HotProp. KP America handles all sales and warehousing of KievProp products on this side of the North Atlantic.  And recently, KievProp began adding epoxy foam cores. Still among the very lightest blades in the industry, the weight from this foam core is negligible and among other things, eliminates the need of a small weep hole at the tip of each blade to expel moisture. Directly on the horizon is the In-Flight Adjustable with easy to install, plug n play design.

May, 2018:  _______________

Earlier this year, KievProp introduced 2 new Spacers, which gives us a total of 4 available sizes. The new sizes are:

                          1.55 inch (40mm) 


                         3.1 inch (80mm)

We will be introducing our new 4 blade ground adjustable design next month. Meanwhile, the In-Flight Adjustable is still in development.

Contact KievProp America for more information at 410.221.8017.

Dealer/OEM opportunities available.

August, 2018:  _______________

Testing and required flight hours of the In-Flight Adjustable Propeller has been completed with incredible results! Sales will begin later this year.

May 2019:  _______________
Introducing our In-Flight Adjustable 3-blade models!

Sales have begun on our 3-blade In-Flight Adjustable models with diameters of 67.3" and 70.9". These are available in right or left rotation and use the same blade planform as our well proven 263, 283 and 183 models.
We are also ready to equip the hub with the the narrow blade 67.3" Right rotation (#273), the wide blade 67.3" Left rotation (#163) and the 74.9" Right rotation (#293). 

All of the above diameters are the same as the ground adjustable models.

Height of the hub is about 4.13".

With a little trimming of the blade openings, the hub easily fits into many Spinner domes and all of the KievProp domes.

*NOTE, Spinners are included in the price of the in-flight adjustable propellers.

Weight of installed prop with the electric drive is about 16 lbs. depending on diameter chosen.

The pitch range is not less than 15 degrees +/- a small range for fine pitch stop adjustment. This is enough to provide max speed of any plane with Rotax 912.

We can also equip the prop with special spacers in length 1.1" or 1.77" or with other designed spacers in lengths of 3.15".

*NOTE, All options must be stipulated before shipment, as they affect the length of the control rod.

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