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DESCRIPTION: Based on the well proven ground adjustable models, the In-Flight Adjustable also gives incredible performance and turbine smoothness that KIevProp is so well known for. The Control Box is password protected. You create a password, then set your desired maximum rpm for take-off and for cruise. Set it and go! A rotary dial allows in flight tweaking to get the best performance and economy without constantly changing throttle adjustments. Average installed weight is about 15 lbs, depending on blade size. The electric drive motor mounts to back of gearbox on Rotax 9 series engines The 915is is currently excluded (for now). Installation is not difficult and an experienced mechanic can be ready for the intial flight in less than 3 hours! 

Includes: IFA Hub, 3 Blades, Blade Covers, Electric Actuating Motor w/ Pushrod, Installation Manual and all associated Hardware.



PR1-P Controller (FlyBox) , Plug & Play harness, Prop Extensions, Ready to Install (painted) Spinners, 75.6" diameter blades and the 1.1" and 1.8" Spacers

                       Larger propeller diameters OVER 74" add $600.00

                                       NOTE:  50% deposit required on Special Orders.


SKU: Special Order
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